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Foiling Duration:

The longest ride time of any electric foiling product on the market.


Speeds vary based on riding conditions, rider weight and skill level.

Coming soon: Speed Foil & Propeller targeting terminal speed

Top speed: 20 km/h 
Driving speed: 11 km/h
Minimum speed: 6 km/h 



The Hydrofoiler SL3 features quick connectors that break down the water e-bike into 5 sub-assemblies.

Easy to transport in the car  (e.g. in the trunk of a compact vehicle).



Extremely low-maintenance, no wear-intensive drive components as with most bicycles.

Easy hose down after a salt water ride. 

Access to service/replace modules requires fewer tools than the Hydrofoiler XE-1.

Further modularity in sub-assemblies for affordable repairs - in the event of a defect, only the affected module is replaced,

not the entire assembly.


Battery charging time

Hydro pack 1000 battery: 5 hours (SL3 and SL3PER)
Hydro pack 600 battery: 3 hours (SL3)
Available soon: fast charger

Assembled dimensions

1.4m high x 2m wide x 2.2m long 

Weight of the parts

Chassis: 10.1 kg 
Drive train: 13.9 kg 
FC2 rear foil: 5.8 kg 
HE2 Carbon Tail Foil: 2.9 kg 
Hydropack 1000 battery: 8.6 kg 
Hydropack 600 battery: 7.1 kg 

Front tiller and front foil: 1.9 kg 

The additional modularity of the SL3 has reduced the overall weight, with the heaviest module weighing 13.9 kg .

Total weight


SL3: 38.8 kg 

SL3+: 40.3 kg 

SL3PER: 37.4kg



Foil: HE2 Carbon



Super light and durable.

Span:  2 m


Foil: FC2 Fixed Cord



Affordable entry-level option for novice drivers and rental companies.

Span:  2 m


Composite frame with integrated buoyancy
Tool-free, detachable drive unit for easy transport and storage


Sealed drive unit3 custom-built Manta5 gearboxes with IPX8 protection
gear box: Custom planetary gearbox 
Drive shaft: 
propeller shaft: stainless steel
Propeller: carbon fiber reinforced nylon





  • Engine: Custom inline motor certified to IP67

  • Transmission: Custom planetary gearbox with torque, speed, and temperature control, with the option to assist pedal power or work individually 

  • Performance: 2500 watts

  • Steering: Wired Manta5 remote control

Hydropack batteries

  • Chemistry: lithium-ion

  • Tension: 52V (nominal)

  • Hydro pack 1000: 1000Wh

  • Hydro Pack 600: 600Wh

  • Peak Discharge: 3000W

  • Housing: Marine grade dual layer case. Integrated battery management system with "constant impulse" monitoring system.

  • Charger: 52V 110/240V AC input

Bluetooth speed controller

  • Firmware updates via Bluetooth

  • Integrated LCD display: battery level, assistance level, system warnings, rider performance indicator, cadence indicator

  • Increasing/decreasing the electric pedal assistance (10 assistance levels)

  • Motor power is controlled by torque and cadence

  • accelerator pedal override

  • Various driving modes: Pedal support with optional accelerator pedal control (standard), boost (full throttle, maximum speed)

Please note that there may be slight changes in specifications due to variations in the manufacturing process and suppliers.

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